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Counselling for Adolescents

One-to-one therapy is available for all ages, from the early teen years to young adulthood, and for all presenting problems. At times, parents may find that their adolescent is experiencing road blocks in one or more of the following areas: depression, anxiety, mood-swings, past trauma, behaviour problems, parent-teen conflict and major life changes (e.g., death of a loved one or divorce). Sometimes, it is the teen that feels that they need someone neutral to talk to.

At Sand Story Psychology Services, we make a special effort to understand the challenges that young people face today, to see them for who they are and to let them tell us through our connection and their stories what they need to succeed. We believe that adolescents need close connections to their parents now more than ever and we embrace the opportunity to work closely with the parents to best support their teen while respecting the adolescents need for privacy and to feel some sense of agency in the process.