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Parenting Courses

Connecting Parents & Children

Parenting Courses

Through Dr. Bell’s involvement with the Neufeld Institute, she is pleased to announce the availability of parenting courses developed by Gordon Neufeld. These courses include:

The Power to Parent

Although typically divided into three parts for delivery purposes, this course is best taken as a complete unit. Each of the 24 sessions builds on previous material, and together creates a comprehensive guide for parents of children of all ages. In Part I, the focus is on how to cultivate the context for raising children: right relationships with the adults responsible for the child. In Part II, the focus is on how parents can help their children realize their true potential as human beings. Part III provides guidance on how to handle the common behaviour problems without straining the child-parent relationship or sabotaging the conditions required for realizing one’s full potential.

In addition to equipping parents to apply the attachment-based developmental paradigm to their parenting, the Power to Parent course also serves as an alternate prerequisite to the highly engaging Neufeld Intensive Level II course. The Intensive II, in turn, opens the door to the Neufeld Institute’s authorization programs.

Part 1: The Vital Connection

In order for parenting to work, children – including teenagers – must be in right relationship to their parents. Nothing is more crucial or pivotal in parenting than this seldom recognized or addressed factor. In this course, Dr. Neufeld explains the concept of right relationship, providing practical suggestions for parenting children of all ages with attachment in mind.

This course is the foundation of the Power to Parent series. Children are meant to be raised in the context of their attachments to the adults responsible and nothing will work right unless this context is cultivated and preserved.

Although the focus of the course is parents and parenting, the material is equally applicable to the school setting and to treatment.

Most participants will take this as a videocourse facilitated by individuals who are trained and authorized through the Neufeld Institute.

Part 2: Helping Children Grow Up

How do we nurture our children and provide the necessary elements for growth? How do we remove the impediments to becoming their own persons? Building on the foundation of relationship in Part I of the series, The Vital Connection, this sequel focuses on how to help children realize their potential as human beings. Growing older is no guarantee of growing up. Childhood is when most of the growing up should occur but we need to know how to cultivate the maturing process. This course sheds light on the adult`s role in the miracle of maturation.The material is presented in such a way that it engages parents while educating professionals as well.

This course is best taken as as sequel to Part I of the Power to Parent series. Since attachment is the context in which children were designed to be raised, right relationship is a prerequisite to helping our children become fully human.

Most participants will take this as a videocourse facilitated by individuals who are trained and authorized through the Neufeld Institute.

Part 3: Common Challenges

Raising children is rewarding, but not always easy! Every child gets stuck from time to time on the road to maturation and every parent faces challenges at some point on the journey. At these times, we could all benefit from experienced insight and practical suggestions that are in the best interest of our children. In the first part of the Power to Parent series, The Vital Connection, we looked at the importance of relationship; in the second part, Helping Children Grow Up, we looked at the adult’s role in the miracle of maturation. In this course, Common Challenges, we look at effective and safe practices that honour and preserve the relationship, even when the problems seem daunting. In making sense of our child’s experience, we will be better equipped to lead them through challenging times.

Although some attention is given to the more perplexing problems of childhood, the general thrust of the course concerns issues and challenges facing most every parent. The material is applicable to children of all ages.

This course is best taken as the third part of the Power to Parent trilogy. Most participants will take this course as a facilitated videocourse. While the focus is parents, educators and professionals can equally benefit from this course.

Making Sense of Aggression

This four-session course is the result of more than 35 years of Dr. Neufeld putting the pieces of the aggression puzzle together. He has dealt with aggression from the toddlers to teens and from the most banal to the most violating. His rich professional experience with aggressive children and violent youth informs this refreshing approach to an age-old problem. Dr. Neufeld`s innovative working model of aggression has received international recognition and inspired a proposal for a 2 hour special in American public television. This material represents a significant breakthrough in the challenge of making sense of aggression. His highly effective approach has profound and revolutionary implications for treatment. The principles are applicable to children of all ages and useful for parents as well as well as educators and helping professionals.

This course is typically delivered in a distance education format or facilitated videocourse format.

Making Sense of Adolescence

Crossing the bridge from childhood to adulthood has never been so daunting. Our highly complex society requires a lengthy adolescence and yet provides very few cues for parents and teachers on how to deal with it. An adolescent is neither child nor adult and therein lies the difficulties, the turbulence, the confusion and the challenges. What is nature’s purpose? What is the developmental design? What is meant to happen?

In this course, Dr. Neufeld takes the mystery out of adolescence and provides practical suggestions for how to successfully negotiate this tumultuous time. He gives both the tools and the eyes to see an adolescent through the journey, and articulates why now more than ever adolescents need our help to cross that bridge. Dr. Neufeld’s unique distillation of adolescent psychology and the integration of this material with his rich experience with teens both professionally and as a father, forms the basis for these insights and for the suggestions he provides in this course.

This course is designed to be used by parents, grandparents, teachers, administrators, youth workers, helping professionals – anyone who is involved with teens and desires to make sense of adolescence. The course can be taken through our distance education program and is also available as a facilitated videocourse. This course is conveniently formatted into eight one-hour sessions for individual or structured group study.

Making Sense of Attention Problems

Attention problems are both common and diverse. The debilitating aspects of most attention problems can be grown out of if addressed properly, even when the symptoms are rooted in neurological dysfunction. Ignorance of the role of healthy development has lead to an overdependence upon medication and symptom management which in turn can undermine the very maturational processes that could effect a cure. After a life-time of involvement with children and adolescents with attention problems, Dr. Neufeld unravels the complexities to make sense of the underlying dynamics involved, paving the way for natural interventions that can lead to lasting change.

This course is generally taught in a minimum of four sessions, making it suitable for a day seminar for educators or helping professionals.