The Sand Story

Stories or narratives are the threads that weave our experiences, thoughts, and, dreams together. But most of all, stories are how we make sense of the relationships in our lives, both past and present. Stories become the fabric of how we see the world and how we experience it. Many of the children who come to counselling may tell their story in the sand tray, incorporating the symbols or figures that are meaningful to them. The child will tell their story this way many times, having control of how the story develops and how it ends, until they reach a place of growth, understanding, and/or acceptance. The beautiful thing about stories in the sand is, with a shake of the sand tray, the sand becomes smooth again to be built just the way the child needs it to be. For adults, the sand is metaphorical, whether they seek to improve the connections with their child or spouse, or need understanding or acceptance of the connections in their past, they can rework their story until they achieve the change they hoped for, or a sense of peace. My vision for Sand Story was to be a place that clients could come and feel connected and comfortable.  Each staff member has been chosen not just for their incredible talent, but also for their big hearts and their care for clients. I am so proud of this team who give their all working with a diverse range of clients. Whether it is a story of loss in counselling or a story of one’s abilities and struggles in an assessment, our clients’ bravery, heart, and tears continue to inspire us.

We look forward to connecting with you.

Deborah Bell