Questions & Answers

Psychoeducational Assessment FAQs

  • The assessment is done over 2 days, with both days running from 9:30am to 12:30pm. Since we prioritize the pace of each child, sometimes children will need to come back for another appointment in addition to these 2 days to ensure the assessment is at a pace that works for them. 
  • At this time we do not offer appointments on the weekends, so children will need to miss some school for the assessment.

At this time we are booking approximately 5-6 months in advance.

Yes, once you have booked your assessment dates we will add you to our cancellation list in case something comes up sooner!

Once the assessment has been conducted, it will take between 6-10 weeks to be ready for review. Once it is ready we will reach out to schedule a debrief for you to go over the report with the Psychologist.

Yes! We accept funding from various organizations such as Variety Children’s Charity, Jordan’s Principle, Indigenous bands and nations, and MCFD Autism Unit funding.

At this time we do not offer direct billing. If you have benefits through work or school, please check with your provider to see if your specific plan covers assessments and psychological services provided by a Registered Psychologist.

We usually recommend that children are at least 6 years old to ensure they are able to engage in all assessment activities.

It can be. If you would like this to be included in the assessment, the Psychologist will ensure that specific tools are included in the assessment process. Psychologists may also decide to assess for ADHD once the assessment is underway should they see this as necessary.

Therapy FAQs

It varies from Clinician to Clinician. Please check out our Team page for waitlist updates for each Clinician.

Yes! You can read all about our Sand Story Therapist team here.

We do not offer music therapy at this time.

Many of our Clinicians will use drawing or art during their sessions with children and youth, however, we do not have any Clinicians that specialize in art therapy specifically.

Yes, we do! Please ensure that Sand Story Psychology Services is set up and approved as a payee for your Autism Funding account if you would like your sessions to be covered. 

At this time we do not direct bill to Blue Cross or other insurance companies. We kindly ask that you pay for your appointment with us, and then submit your receipts to your provider for reimbursement. 

Yes, our sliding scale program is offered by our PhD student therapist, and rates are dependent on several factors. Please call us directly for more information on our waitlist and rates for sliding scale sessions. 

Yes, for parents and adult clients we provide Telehealth sessions. Typically we do not offer virtual appointments for children under the age of 13 years old. 

Psychologists have doctoral degrees in psychology, they can provide diagnoses and conduct assessments, and they can also provide therapy services. RCCs have a minimum of a masters degree in counselling psychology and can provide therapy services to clients, but cannot provide diagnoses. Neither Psychologists nor RCCs can prescribe medication. 

Our rates vary depending on the Clinician, so we kindly ask that you call us to ask for specific Clinician’s rates.