Play Therapy

Play is the natural language of children. All children use play to achieve developmental milestones, develop their cognitive skills, express themselves and make sense of their experiences. Play therapy utilizes the developmental trajectory of the child’s play to support children to process their experiences in a way that is natural and safe. Trained clinicians are able to track where a child is at developmentally and utilize their knowledge of the child’s story to support and deepen the child’s experience. This process allows children to process their experiences so that they can understand and integrate them into their life story. This is the heart of resilience and healing. Play therapy provides your child with the opportunity to build their resilience in the context of a close and supportive relationship with their clinician. Parents are also a key part of the support their child receives in therapy. Parent consultation and support are provided throughout the play therapy process. In this way the clinician is able to facilitate the child’s growth between sessions.