Sand Story Services

Infant Mental Health

Infant Mental Health is a highly specialized area of therapy which provides support for parents for a variety of concerns that they may have for their infant ages 0-5 years. This unique, evidence-based intervention utilizes the parent as the key facilitator of change for their infant utilizing videos of parent-child interactions.


At times, parents may find that their adolescent is experiencing roadblocks in one or more of the following areas: depression, anxiety, mood-swings, past trauma, behaviour problems, parent-teen conflict and major life changes (e.g., death of a loved one or divorce).


Children are each unique in their personalities, their way of expressing themselves and their view of the world. The child-focused and specially trained team at Sand Story pride ourselves on meeting each child at their level.


Support for adults is provided from a belief in the importance of relationship and the natural healing potential that we all have within us. A variety of evidence based therapeutic modalities are offered for a wide variety of presenting concerns.


Couples often find themselves stuck in patterns which leave may partners feeling deeply misunderstood, leading to feelings of anger, loneliness, and rejection.

Adoption Assessment

In international adoptions, many countries require a psychological assessment as part of the process to ensure that children are going to healthy and well-adjusted homes.

Psychoeducational Assessment

A Psychoeducational Assessment is a detailed assessment of a child/teen/adult's psychological and academic skills. These assessments are typically completed when students are feeling overly challenged in an academic area.

Family Law Services

Sand Story Psychology Services specializes in offering a wide range of support for families going through separation and divorce. We offer services from initial support and talking to your children about separation and divorce, to full bi-lateral parental assessments in high conflict divorce. All our services are offered with a focus on parent-child attachment and healing for families.