Therapy for Children

Children are each unique in their personalities, their way of expressing themselves and their view of the world. The child-focused and specially trained team at Sand Story pride ourselves on meeting each child at their level. We provide a welcoming environment for children to express themselves through whatever modality fits best for them: play, art, or talk. We also believe that parents are the biggest helpers when it comes to children’s change process. We routinely include parents in their child’s therapeutic journey. This approach ensures that parents feel confident in their ability to support their child after therapy is done and helps deepen the relationship between parent and child. 

Before meeting a child, every clinician begins with a meeting with one or both parents without the child. This provides the opportunity to take a detailed history to really understand your concerns and your child’s situation and begin to plan the intervention that best suits your child. Please contact us to schedule your parent intake session. 

If you have questions, please head to our FAQ page to learn more about the counseling process.

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