Infant Mental Wellness

Parent Child Connection Therapy (PCCT)

This therapy is typically done with one or both parents and a young child (age 6 months to 5-years). Research suggests that one of the most powerful therapies with infants and young children utilizes the parent as a key agent of change for their child. This specialized area of intervention uses videos of interactions that result in parents learning insight into their child’s behaviour, how to recognize their child’s needs and how to respond to decrease challenging behaviour.

Many parents can feel worried about their child’s development, especially if they feel their young child is showing signs of not meeting behavioural expectations; appear to have a lack of empathy; or are excessively demanding or oppositional. Other parents may worry that they are not understanding their child, may feel like parenting is not what they expected; or may feel overly frustrated in their parenting role. All of these feelings are good indicators that PCCT may be helpful. However, each child is seen as unique and other modalities such as parent consultation and play therapy may also be recommended. Contact us for an initial consultation.