Ms. Lorraine Ng

Registered Clinical Counsellor, #17922

Lorraine Ng is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in BC. She has experience providing individual and family counselling to adolescents, immigrant families, cultural minorities, parents, and caregivers.  

She works with clients experiencing depression, anxiety, stress management, relationship difficulties and parenting issues, and other life changes. Her practice is grounded in Adlerian Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-based work, attachment-focused approach, trauma-informed practice, and multicultural framework.  

Lorraine is warm, compassionate, and insightful in her work. She strives to provide a safe environment for clients to deepen their understanding of themselves and rediscover their inner strengths. She also helps clients to develop practical, healthy coping skills and tools to face their current struggles. She hopes that clients will become empowered and encouraged to create meaningful changes in their lives.  

In addition, having grown up in a blend of traditional collectivist culture and mainstream western philosophy, Lorraine has a deep understanding of the struggles and challenges individuals and families face dealing with cultural differences and to approach them in a non-judgmental and understanding way. When working with immigrant parents, Lorraine is the bridge for parents who have difficulties in understanding and connecting to their second-generation children who grow up in the individualistic culture. She is pleased to provide services in Cantonese and Mandarin for individuals and families of Chinese descent. 

吳嘉敏是一位卑詩省心理輔導協會的註冊臨床心理輔導員 ,又稱作心理諮詢師。她擁有為青少年、移民人士、少數民族、父母及照顧者提供個人和家庭諮詢的專業經驗。 


嘉敏是一位富有熱情、同情心及洞察力的輔導員。她致力為客人提供一個安全的環境,幫助客人加深對自己的了解,重新發現內在的長處,並開發實用的健康應對機制來應對當前的困境。 她渴望客人能在迷霧中亦能重拾勇氣和自我去克服生活挑戰,並與自己和他人建立有意義的聯繫。 

此外,嘉敏在中西文化融合背景下成長,對個人和家庭面對文化差異所面臨的挑戰有深刻的了解,並以能夠以一種非判斷性的態度去理解和應對文化差異所帶來的問題。在與移民家庭工作的時候,嘉敏能成為父母及第二代孩子之間的橋樑, 讓父母和在個人主義文化中成長的孩子建立更健康的聯繫。她非常熱心為華裔個人和家庭提供廣東話及普通話服務。