Ms. Vivian Qi (Intern)

Ms Vivian Qi
M.A. PhD Practicum Student

M.A., PhD Student Therapist, Clinical Psychology

Vivian Qi is a PhD student in Clinical Psychology at UBC, and she has been undertaking her practicum placement at Sand Story since September 2023. Vivian has experience working with children and families facing anxiety disorders, and young adults dealing with mood and anxiety disorders. She has received training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Motivational Interviewing, Play Therapy, and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Adapted for Selective Mutism. Vivian takes an integrated approach with an emphasis on attachment in her work. She holds a strong passion for collaborating with parents to discover their children’s strengths and find effective methods for nurturing their growth. Vivian also welcomes adult clients experiencing mood and anxiety disorders, and interpersonal difficulties. She tailors her approach to accommodate clients’ individual progress, and she sees therapy as a shared journey where she helps clients navigate challenges and find their way to a place of greater self-awareness and growth.


Vivian completed her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from UBC in 2021. Prior to her clinical training, she also completed a doctoral degree in Developmental Psychology in 2019, where she studied the influence of culture on memories, thoughts, and identity in children and emerging adults. Her current research focuses on the social and psychological adjustment of racialized groups. As an immigrant herself, Vivian recognizes the challenges of adapting to a new culture as a new family and as an individual. She hopes that her research and personal experiences can help clients who are grappling with acculturation stress.


Vivian is available for psycho-educational assessments and individual therapy for children, parents, and adults. She can also offer services in Mandarin Chinese.


Vivian是UBC临床心理学在读博士研究生,目前在Sand Story进行实习。Vivian接受过的培训包括:认知行为疗法、人际心理疗法、激励面谈、儿童游戏治疗,和适用于选择性缄默症的亲子互动疗法。Vivian在工作中采用融合的方法,同时强调依恋/亲子关系的重要性。她非常热衷于与父母合作来发掘他们孩子的优势,并找到适用于个体家庭的育儿方式。同时,Vivian接收有情绪障碍,焦虑障碍,以及人际关系困难的成年客户。她会根据每个客户个体来调整自己的治疗方法,并将治疗视为一个共同的旅程,在这个过程中,Vivian会帮助客户应对挑战,找到通往自我意识和成长的道路。